Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Denver, Colorado

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is performed to provide an elevated, more youthful contour and positioning of the breasts and nipples. In addition, the areolas (pigmented area surrounding the nipples) may also be reduced in size. At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, your safety, care and comfort during your procedure is of utmost importance to Denver cosmetic breast surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich and his caring team of surgical and office staff.

 If your breasts have begun to sag as a result of genetics, aging or past pregnancies, a breast lift can refine the shape and contour. A good candidate for a breast lift procedure is also in good general health as any surgery places strain on the body. It is also highly recommended that you not be a smoker as smoking restricts blood flow to the surgery area and can inhibit the body's natural healing abilities.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift surgery is performed in our state licensed surgical center on an out-patient basis. This means that once your breast lift procedure is complete and you have awakened from your anesthesia, you are able to go home with light dressings applied to your breasts. A breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Slenkovich will make an incision on each of the breasts that encircles the areola. Depending on the condition of your tissues and your goals an incision that extends from the nipple to the breast crease my be used. This incision is often called a "lollipop" incision. Occasionally an "anchor" incision below the breast may be required. Actual incision locations differ from patient-to-patient and will be discussed during your consultation.

During your breast lift procedure, Dr. Slenkovich will remove excess skin and fatty tissue and then nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher location. He then sutures your incisions and places bandages.

In certain cases, Dr. Slenkovich can perform and internal breast lift. With an internal lift, the only incision is around the areola. Some patients also desire fuller volume in their upper breasts using a breast implant, along with a breast lift. Dr. Slenkovich will recommend the option that is best for you during your consultation.

Recovering From Your Breast Lift

In the majority of breast lift surgery cases, there is some initial discomfort which can be controlled with oral medication. While recovery time does differ depending on the patient, most patients require one week for recovery. After the first 7-10 days, you will be able to resume light activity with restrictions on the amount of weight you can lift. After approximately four weeks, you may return to more strenuous activity. Following your post-operative care instructions will enable you to heal properly and return to your normal quality of life without complication.

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Your Breast Surgeon

Dr. Nick Slenkovich, known to his patients and staff members as "Dr. Nick,” is a double board certified Colorado plastic surgeon. He has co-authored and written many medical articles relating to breast enhancement and breast lift procedures. He is committed to honesty and communication with his patients and focuses on educating each patient thoroughly about their procedure.

To schedule a private consultation with Denver breast surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich, please contact his Colorado cosmetic surgery practice today.

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