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We all strive for self-improvement, and every woman has the right to be able to feel good about herself. Denver cosmetic breast surgeon Nick Slenkovich MD, FACS believes breast surgery is a highly personal choice, and as a board certified plastic surgeon, he strives to support every patient’s goals for self-improvement.

You deserve to feel confident about your appearance and Dr. Slenkovich believes strongly in your right to feel complete and comfortable with yourself, inside and out.

Patient Education

Patient education is the first vital step when you choose to undergo any type of breast surgery procedure, whether it is a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Therefore, it is very important that you are informed and comfortable with every aspect of your procedure before, during and after working with us.

For this reason, we discuss each step of your elected breast procedure in great detail, including any possible issues that may arise. We want you to openly talk to us about all concerns and desires you are experiencing relating to your breast enhancment.

In order to enjoy a successful experience, you need to have realistic expectations as to what you want the outcome of your breast surgery to be. Dr. Nick Slenkovich will offer the best advice for your specific needs based on the goals you have set for yourself and his recommendations for your body's unique size and shape. Together we will determine how to proceed with your case.

Who We Are

When you choose to undergo any type of cosmetic breast surgery procedure, you embark on a brand new journey and a new and exciting phase of your life. It is imperative that you choose your plastic surgeon carefully based on his credentials, the atmosphere of his practice and your comfort level during your first experience with him.

Because holds his practice’s commitment to comfort, confidence and caring to a very high esteem, he has worked hard to build a team of caring and knowledgeable individuals to assist you every step of the way. Together, they help each of patient rediscover confidence in themselves.

Dr. Slenkovich is a multiple board-certified surgeon in Denver, Colorado. His level of experience, training and skill has earned him the reputation of being one of the top plastic surgeons in the area. His patients know him as "Dr. Nick.”

Please contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss any one of our breast surgery procedures. Learn the latest information on our breast surgery procedures by visiting us on Google+.

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